80% AR-15 lower receivers


GRIM REAPERPost anodized 80% lower receivers are engraved using a 0.010″ ball endmill at a cut depth of 0.003″.  Fine line work with absolutely no ridge nor burr on the engraving edges.

Bare aluminum 80% lower receivers have a choice of engraving endmills to be used pending what type of final finish.  We recommend a 0.020″ ball endmill at a cut depth of 0.005″ for final finish of anodization.  We recommend a 0.030″ ball endmill at a cut depth of 0.010″ for a final finish of paint products. Engraved bare aluminum leaves a slight edge ridge which can normally be removed with a fingernail or fine scotchbrite prior to final finish.

The part to be engraved is placed in a specialized jig and then laser probed to attain 0.0005″ level plane in the area to be engraved.  This process eliminates fading which maintains a uniform appearance.

Unless otherwise noted, artwork engraving can be placed on either side magwell, or both sides.  Text can be placed on just about any flat surface on the part and at any angle.  Text added above or below artwork may decrease the size of the artwork pending which artwork selected and number of lines of text.  There is a limitation on how many characters per text line pending selected location of text.

Stock engraving prices per artwork:

Biohazard:  $33.00

Scorpion: $41.00

Grim Reaper: $67.00

Eagle (right magwell only): $74.00

Adding Text To Artwork, Per Line (limitations on character count) $6.00

Text “Fire” & “Safe” Per Side: $6.00  ( custom words or short slogans can be substituted in place of Fire/Safe)

We can convert your high quality jpg, bitmap, or tiff picture to vector line format for cnc engraving.  Once the file is transferred via email to us and we approve the picture as acceptable quality to be converted, a completed quotation to the customer will be provided.  If accepted there is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit required to start the process.  Once converted a proof pdf of the line art placed on a lower will be emailed back to the customer.  If authorized to proceed the $50.00 deposit shall go towards the cost of the engraving. Typically customer’s artwork is in the $100.00 range to convert & engrave, all non-stock artwork request is P.O.R.

We can engrave any brand billet 80% lower receiver.  We can not engrave forged 80% lowers due to the crown on all flat surfaces.  We can not accept through UPS nor Fed-Ex any lower which has any milling/drilling completed on the fire control group.  Any functional AR-15 lower receiver must be engraved while the owner is present at our shop.


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80% AR-15 lower receivers